So Beautiful it’s Worth Travel Delays

Last night I returned home from college for my Thanksgiving Break. My flight from Florida to Albany was over 2 hours late, landing in 36 degrees at midnight.

The wait was terrible. The airport was packed with my fellow peers and screaming kids. I waited an hour for a salad at Chilis. Then I woke up this morning to see this:


Which then turned into this:


And then I was like, “Huh. This really is beautiful.”

LinkedIn…to strangers?

So earlier today I met with my school’s internship counselor, who apparently couldn’t help me with anything because I want an internship in New York, not here in the sunshine state.

Her solution to all my problems: LinkedIn. With a great LinkedIn profile, I can hunt down strangers in the writing industry and “ask them to meet for coffee,” which could land me a position somewhere. The only problem is that I live 3 hours away from NYC, where I’m assuming most of those publishing people live, which would make meeting for coffee exceeding difficult.

Can’t I just fill out an application and get an internship in my field that pays $15 an hour like everyone else?

Barging In

So for a while I’ve been planning on writing a post on my unique dorm room story.  This year, I was given a 2-person suite.  When I moved in, my suitemate didn’t.  The extra room was declared vacant after open-room-change.  I waited then, after receiving emails from ResLife telling me “there is a waitlist for your dorm.  Someone could move into your vacancy at any point.”

Time passed.  September came and went.  October started.  I held a big Halloween party, purely because I could.  I live at the end of the hallway and had no suitemate…until tonight.

For months I’d had nightmares.  Reslife’s “we wont tell you when someone’s moving in policy” scares me to death.  The horrible fear of someone coming in, taking over my space without me expecting them.  Literally, I dreamed of this incident many times.  Tonight it occurred for real.

I was siting at our two-person kitchen table with my boyfriend.  I hear something by the door.  “Oh, it’s just the RA putting on another nametag.”  Then the door flies open.  We jump out of our seats in fear.  No knock.  No notification.  Just a “I’m your new roommate!” followed by a boyfriend towing a cart of bins.

The days of my own suite are over and I didn’t even know they were coming.  I thought that surely I had until the end of the semester.  All I can say is that I’m upset with ResLife.  Now the common area smells different.  I hate it.  At least the place isn’t littered with trash and dirty dishes…yet.

My Disasterous Journey With Self-Publishing

I was 18 and totally unrealistic. In May of 2012, one of my completed Wattpad stories, Hype, had somehow jumped to the number 2 slot of the site’s “Spiritual” category.

The book, which showed the struggles of high-school senior Freya, a sheltered student who had attended a small Christian school since pre-k, as she was expelled and then forced to spend the last few months of her high school career in *gasp* public school. Of course, she learns that it wasn’t like she was taught (drugs everywhere, violence, etc.) and blah blah blah.

Hype was receiving 700 reads a day. When it hit 12,000, I removed it from the site to take the next step. I was going to self publish, make money, and rise to fame.


I spent 2 months editing, and drew that snazzy cover (above). When I started using Amazon KDP, I priced the book at $2.99 and uploaded it. I was proud. I felt accomplished and thrilled. All my friends, 80 Wattpad followers, family, and even some strangers would buy it too, right? Not at all.

It broke my heart when I got the common, “Amazon? But I only have a Nook!” Or “I’d buy it now, but I’ve got an Amazon giftcard that I can’t find and I really want to use instead of my credit card.” Or the ” Sure! Of course I’ll buy it!” And then never seeing the sale occur.

After two months and only 1 sale, I removed Hype and put it back on Wattpad. It has since received 20,000 reads.

With more friends, 760 Wattpad followers, a whole network of people in a sorority of 100, 130 Twitter followers, and now this tiny blog, I would like to try again. Maybe a better cover and a lower price would actually bring me to my goal of 10 sales.

Confused, Conflicted, and in College

In my freshman year, I listened as upperclassmen complained about how they had no idea about their futures. I thought, “this won’t happen to me.” What did I have to be worried about? I was eighteen and had three publications. My career was already taking off.

Then the publications came to a halt. I started losing Twitter followers. I had writers block and hadn’t finished a novel in months. Am I just “washed up?”

Now I can understand where those people were coming from. And especially now, since I have not yet secured an internship and am desperately racing against the clock to get my applications done before winter break, I realize how terrifying the cute can actually be if you waste too much time playing Candy Crush.


So this weekend I have finally decided to start my resume in order to apply for a variety of inconvenient internships. (Living 3 hours from NYC makes it kind of hard to find one in publishing)

My first thought was, what am I really going to put on this thing? My summer job? My 750 Wattpad followers that I struggled for 3 years to get? Why would the person reading it even care ? How will I stand out?

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get started.

Death With Dignity, or Untimely Death?

I’ve seen a lot on so ail media lately about Oregon’s Death With Dignaty Act. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brittany Maynard, she is the 29-year-old cancer patent who moved to Oregon and ended her life via doctor described pills.

There are many debates on this, obviously some who agree and some who disagree, that people “should cherish every moment you have.” Here is my counterarguement: can someone cherish extremely painful headaches, seizures, and, at the very end, being bedridden and hooked up to numerous machines?

What kind of “life” is that? And what family member would want to see their loved one in that condition? I wouldn’t. I would much rather have them go at their own will, without pain. To me, forcing people to suffer until they finally pass away is just insensitive and downright wrong, unless it is their choice.