Last night I came across a disturbing Twitter page, which was entitles with the name of my school and then “blackouts.” What I thought would be a funny feed about people’s drunken adventures turned out to be one of the most frightening things I’ve seen on Twitter.

This page featured no silly stories, but instead, mortifying pictures, probably of freshman, passed out. Some were on their beds, in the bathroom, and there were even a few unconscious students who were sprawled on the grass outside their dorm buildings.

But not only were these photos unsensored, as in, you could clearly see who the people were in the photos, but many had other “friends” posing over or in front of these passed out people, making faces, etc.

It’s devastating the way we treat the use of alcohol today. Someone passed out from drinking too much isn’t something funny, that’s a pretty serious problem, and, although I’m not an expert, I believe it’s one of the stages of alcohol poisoning.

I really wanted to ask the morons posing in the photos, “What kind off friend are you?” First off, if my friend was passed out, I’d be getting them help, not posing. Second of all, why would you want to publicly humiliate them by posting that on Twitter for everyone to see?

Overall, my point is that alcohol poisoning isn’t funny, and I hope that this Twitter feed, and any other similar one at other schools, is deleted.

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