I Hate Gen Eds

Every college has them. Every college student has had to suffer through them. The general education program, or as my school likes to call it “The Baccalouriette Experience” (I don’t know if I even spelled that right) is a long, extensive list of classes/groups of classes you have to take that have absolutely nothing to do with your major.

So far, I have had to suffer through finite math for liberal arts majors, acting, music, sociology, environmental science, Italian, and this semester, intro to psychology. Next semester I will be taking astronomy, since we need 2 science classes.

They say that these courses, “allow students to experience a wide range of topics.” I can understand if you’re an undecided major, but why me? Why, as a writing major, do I need to learn astronomy? Granted, some of these classes have been fun, and yes, I agree that there should be a program in place with a few required courses, (maybe a social science and a music) but this is just ridiculous.

Because I’ve been wasting time with psychology, math, and science, I haven’t been able to take the writing classes I want. And even though next semester I’ll be done with the gen eds, with 2 minors, taking fiction 2, fiction forms, and all the other “fun” writing classes will have to take a backseat.

The gen eds at my university are over 60 credits. That’s nearly HALF of the 124 I need to graduate. And even if this is a money thing, why not just require a writing courses instead of making me waste time with math? Bottom line: gen eds are useless and they suck. End rant.

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