Death With Dignity, or Untimely Death?

I’ve seen a lot on so ail media lately about Oregon’s Death With Dignaty Act. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brittany Maynard, she is the 29-year-old cancer patent who moved to Oregon and ended her life via doctor described pills.

There are many debates on this, obviously some who agree and some who disagree, that people “should cherish every moment you have.” Here is my counterarguement: can someone cherish extremely painful headaches, seizures, and, at the very end, being bedridden and hooked up to numerous machines?

What kind of “life” is that? And what family member would want to see their loved one in that condition? I wouldn’t. I would much rather have them go at their own will, without pain. To me, forcing people to suffer until they finally pass away is just insensitive and downright wrong, unless it is their choice.

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