Barging In

So for a while I’ve been planning on writing a post on my unique dorm room story.  This year, I was given a 2-person suite.  When I moved in, my suitemate didn’t.  The extra room was declared vacant after open-room-change.  I waited then, after receiving emails from ResLife telling me “there is a waitlist for your dorm.  Someone could move into your vacancy at any point.”

Time passed.  September came and went.  October started.  I held a big Halloween party, purely because I could.  I live at the end of the hallway and had no suitemate…until tonight.

For months I’d had nightmares.  Reslife’s “we wont tell you when someone’s moving in policy” scares me to death.  The horrible fear of someone coming in, taking over my space without me expecting them.  Literally, I dreamed of this incident many times.  Tonight it occurred for real.

I was siting at our two-person kitchen table with my boyfriend.  I hear something by the door.  “Oh, it’s just the RA putting on another nametag.”  Then the door flies open.  We jump out of our seats in fear.  No knock.  No notification.  Just a “I’m your new roommate!” followed by a boyfriend towing a cart of bins.

The days of my own suite are over and I didn’t even know they were coming.  I thought that surely I had until the end of the semester.  All I can say is that I’m upset with ResLife.  Now the common area smells different.  I hate it.  At least the place isn’t littered with trash and dirty dishes…yet.

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