What do college students REALLY do during class?

I would like to start this post by saying, right now, that I am currently 30 minutes into my 2-hour Intro to Psychology class.  I have a professor who allows laptops in the class.  For all I know, I guess he allows every form of technology, considering some of my classmates come in and have nothing but their phones.

In a way this argument can go on either side.  Yes, it’s bad that I’m not paying attention.  But would having my laptop put away really help?  Everyone knows that when they’re bored, they daydream.  At least now, I can type all my notes before the next slide, post on here, update my Wattpad to gain more followers, and work on my final portfolio for my writing class which is due on Wednesday.

Also, this is just a guess, but I want to say that at least 50% of my class is my professor telling stories about his life.  The PowerPoints are short, and the notes I take from them never help with the tests.

So it’s up to anyone to decide, but at least now I can work on other things instead of doodling pictures of whales and staring at the time on the projector.

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