Beauty Standards Took 15 Days of my Life

I’m European. I’m hairy. American society doesn’t like hairy girls, though. Not on your legs, arms, fingers, stomach, or basically, any place but your head.

I started shaving my arms and legs daily when I was about fourteen. Because of genetics, I can’t get away with shaving once or twice a week like some of those lucky-thin-haired ducks out there. After getting an extremely hairy boyfriend, recently, I started thinking: if I was a guy and didn’t have to shave, how much time would I have saved in my lifetime?

Okay, so for everyone it’s different, but for me, it takes about ten minutes for me to shave in the shower, being careful not to end up with a multitude of cuts on my legs. This means I spend 3,650 minutes shaving a year.

In the past 6 years I’ve been shaving, that’s 25,550 minutes that I’ve spent SHAVING, which means that added together, I have spent a total of 15 ENTIRE DAYS OF MY LIFE SHAVING.

Over 50 years, if I continue at the same rate, I will have spent 127 days of my life shaving! This just proves how inconvenient beauty standards are. And to think, that is SHAVING ONLY. I don’t even want to know how many minutes/hours/days I’ve wasted with tweeting, waxing, and hair-straightening.

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