Like OMG critique my story! NOW!

I’ve encountered a lot of rude people on Most recently with people that I’m critiquing for.

If people don’t get their reviews within 2 days, I start getting rude messages. Because you know, how dare I not have time for them.

Now, I can understand people being impatient. I am an impatient person too. But would it kill them to be polite? What does it take to say, “Hi. It’s been a few days and I just wanted to make sure my story is still getting reviewed.”

Instead, most message say: “Why haven’t you done my story yet?” “Where is my critique?” “Are you getting to my story anytime soon?”

*sigh* and this is not the only time I’ve faced Wattpad rudeness. After giving people edits or not a critique that says “your story is awesome.” I’ve been called lazy, rude, and even a bully. Seriously? What does it take for people to just be nice!

2 thoughts on “Like OMG critique my story! NOW!

  1. I wrote a post on critique partners a while back with some guidelines of how to approach these relationships. I’ve definitely run into some of the same! I think people tend to view their CP(s) as machines as opposed to people who are their partners. It’s a relationship, not a transaction! Sorry you’ve encountered rudeness, too.

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