Taking a Break VS. Being Lazy

Tomorrow will be day 5 out of my 44-day winter vacation from college. Now, I’m type A. EXTREME Type A. But am I the on,y one who sees such a long break as a HUGE opportunity to catch up on personal things/advance my career?

So far, I had big plans for this break. Learning to use my new car, finishing my 11th book, reading something new, trying to work on material for Chicken Soup and Women’s World Magazine, and probably a whole slew of other things that I can’t remember.

Oh right, learning how to improve my blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and sorority website. As well as completing a new painting.

But so far, I’ve been trapped in my house for 5 days and have done none of these things. I feel like a lifeless blob floating from room to room, watching TLC and Comedy Central to pass the time. But I just had a long semester. If only there was a way I could force myself out of break mode.

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