My 11th Book and Shamu Journey

Tonight I have finally finished my 11th book, which is currently titled “The Diary of Shamu.” The book follows the story of Yuto, a captive born orca who is released back out into the wild following a death at his park. Below is a picture of Ulises, who has the same degree of bend to his dorsal fin as Yuto.


In the height of the Blackfish controversy, I started working in this book last April, after watching hours and hours of documentaries, YouTube videos of shows, and doing my own internet research. Below is obviously Tilikum, who loosely inspired my character Akamai in the book.


I got inspired after learning about Keiko, the “world’s most famous killer whale” and star of Free Willy, who was released into the wild and died a few years later. I’m completely against all captivity in general, but after hearing about Keiko, some of the people defending SeaWorld may have a point.

My main goal was to debunk the “Free the whales” statement. Mainly for those people who think we can literally, just put captive orcas directly back into the wild like in Free Willy, with no training and they’ll be fine. Below is Keiko in his training sea pen.


The book in general was hard to write, especially since I’m used to writing in past tense and from the POV of teenage girl. This time my main character was a ten-year-old male orca and was done in present tense. But it was super fun trying something new.

So if you like orcas and want to here a different, more realistic take on the situation, check out my free book on Wattpad. Here is the link:

Happy reading, and goodnight!

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