Why Do Internships Have to be so Difficult?

So now that I am on break from college, I am desperately trying to land myself an internship with just about anywhere. I need the credits for my minor. A few days ago I spent about 3 hours applying for 3 internships. Today I spent almost the same amount of time applying for 2 more internships.

My question for the day: why do these things have to take so LONG? A new cover letter has to be submitted for each one. I have to spend the time exploring websites and social media. Today I worked for almost an hour to create the perfect headshot to send to all the places that require it.

The thing about being a writing major is that finding an internship is far from easy, compared to some other majors. My sister majored in fitness. When she needed an internship, she went around the corner to the gym. No searching. No cover letters.

I suppose this is what I get for picking a major with no clear career path. Oh well. I know that what I hopefully get at the end go this search will be amazing. I’ve applied for 6 virtual internships so far, and have many more to go.

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