When Highschoolers Write About College

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about kids on Wattpad not doing their research. Today, I’m going to focus solely on a topic that makes me nuts: misperceptions of college. I’m going to do this in numbers because there are just so many:

Every single Wattpad story I’ve read has college girls moving into their dorm room, which is fully furnished, decorated, and includes a complementary 60-inch flat-screen, amazing view, and a mini fridge. Yeah, no. When you ACTUALLY move into a dorm, it looks like this.


Many Highschoolers think that college is all about partying. Homework isn’t a big thing until the last minute, and that every night is an adventure. This one is pretty self explanatory.

A lot of colleges are portrayed as only having 1 dining hall with Harry-Potter-style tables. In truth, many colleges today have 3+ eating venues and many seprate tables.

Okay, this is a long one. First off, ladies, you’re not going to go to college and see one of these guys as your roommate:


Here are some other common misconceptions:
1. That girls won’t know their roommate
2. All dorms are same gender but their one room is multi-gender
3. That their roommate will be a bad boy/player/hunk/Harry Styles/their high school bully
4. “Oh no! I’m stuck an ENTIRE YEAR with this person!”

1 and 3 blow my mind. Mostly gets their roommates online beforehand. I knew who my roommates were a month before I moved in. So these girls would know that a guy was placed in their room.

Number 2: Nearly impossible. Most colleges don’t offer gender-neutral housing. And when they do, you have to sign up for and agree to it. This type of housing situation is also more reserved for transgender, gay/lesbian/bisexual students who want to live with a different gender because they feel more comfortable with that group.

Plus, colleges today are so overflowed that it’s highly unlikely that there will be only one guy bad one girl who need a room. The solution to residence life won’t be putting them together. One will get the room, one will go on a waiting list/into overflow housing.

Number 4. Rediculous. Apparently no one knows that college is split up in semesters, or about open room change. My college offers 3 chances to change your room during the year: fall and spring open room change, as well as switching in between winter break.

Again, this is why these kids need to do research. End rant.

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