Writing About Your Relationship With Mr. Badboy

I’ve seen this topic arise over and over again. Many times it hasn’t even been on Wattpad, but in real life. But this is a writing blog, so I will instead talk about the writing aspect. The question for today: Why do people find it so appealing to read/write about a relationship with a “bad boy.”

Now, I’m talking the Wattpad bad boy: black hair, blue eyes, motorcycle, terrible relationship with his parents, and cool leather jacket. Every so often there is a variation, possibly some tattoos or a “drug lord” thrown in there.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t completely read through one of these stories. *gasp* But I promise I will find a popular one and go through it in the future. I have however, critiqued/edited many beginnings of them. And for research sake I’m currently on Wattpad scrolling through the descriptions of the hot stories with the keyword “badboy.”

I think my biggest issue with this topic is that it’s unrealistic, as are many others. Just about all of these stories are about a bad boy who finds a quiet girl and makes her “better” by bringing her out of her shell and teaching her a bunch of things she doesn’t know about life. I refuse to believe something like this could actually happen. Why? Because almost two years ago, I was that sheltered quiet girl, and I dated a bad boy.

For the sake of identity, I’ll call him Chris for this article. I met him my freshman year of college in my writing class. I didn’t care much for him then, but at the end of the year when he found me crying on a bench after a dispute with my roommate and we sat down for lunch, I found myself being lured in.

Chris was bad to the bone. He was in a frat, he smoked a ton of weed, he partied, he drove his car fast and always had girls. He didn’t have blue eyes, but he had the wispy black hair. This wasn’t what drew me into Chris however, it was the things he said he would do. He was going to take me on dates and bring me to concerts, maybe even to parties so I could be more social. He was going to read to me in his hammock by the river. We were going to get up early and go for runs, do our homework together in the afternoon, and cuddle up watching some show called Portlandia at night. He told me this nearly every day during our separation over the summer.

As I said, BAD boy. When we did arrive at school, Chris took me for two dates. I had to pay because he “lost his wallet.” Every day he ignored me. At night he was “doing homework” and having me there would “be a distraction.” There was no reading, no running, no romantic evenings. After a week and a half I broke it off via text with him, since he would hardly ever see me face to face. A week after that I found out from a friend that those nights he wasn’t actually doing homework, he was cheating on me with an old ex-girlfriend. What a catch.

Closing point of this long post: it amazes me that these people can write stories about something so unrealistic and have it be so popular. Bad boys make even worse boyfriends, but yet great reading content. Maybe these stories allow girls to somehow relive their past steamy relationships with a bad boy ex, but allow them to have a different ending, kind of like with Robbie and Cecelia from Atonement. Or maybe it’s an impossible dream many girls have (a bad boy who is also Prince Charming), that they can just get a little closer to with their own writing.

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