What I Learned From 3 Years on Wattpad.com

Just yesterday I celebrated my 3-year anniversary as a user/writer on Wattpad.com.  I’m so glad that an old friend told me about the site.  It’s given me so many opportunities, such as becoming an ambassador.

I’ve also met a lot of cool people (and a lot of really terrible ones).  Anyway, here are the top ten things I’ve learned from Wattpad:

10. People crave fanfiction: It’s true, and sometimes sad.  Many writers also think that they can only write in this genre, or that they’re “not creative enough” to write actual fiction.

9. People don’t know basic grammar: I’ve seen writers on the site not use periods or capitalize I.  This is scary that writers aged 13-16 don’t know how to do something I learned in kindergarten.

8. Wattpad can make you famous in real life:  With enough reads, publishing companies will pick up stories from Wattpad.

7. It’s super easy (and cool) to connect with people: In 3 years, I’ve met people from all over the US, UK, Europe, India, Ireland, Scotland, and the Philippines.

6. There are people online who aren’t creeps:  I’ve met a lot of nice people, and still keep in contact with many of the people whose stories I’ve edited.

5. Some people are WAY too attached to their stories:  I’ve wasted so much time giving critiques, just for people to say “thanks, but I’m not changing anything.”

4.  People can get really rude:  I’ve been called “ignorant” and “a bully”  from authors who didn’t like what I had to say about their work.

3. People have high hopes and distorted realities:  I covered this already, the young teens who think they can just go right to a Big 5 company with no beta readers, no agent, and with their Harry Styles fanfiction.

2. Impatience is very popular:  Because your critic/editor has no other life other than what you want them to do.

1. Sometimes dreams don’t change:  When I was 17, I wanted to be an author.  I wanted to travel the world and do book signings, give to charity, and leave a great impact on my world with my works.

Part of me thought I’d change my mind after being on a website full of other writers with the same dreams.  But nope.  Everything is still the same.  I doubt I’ll ever want to stop writing.

Oh, and here’s the link to my new book that debuted yesterday as part of the festivities:  http://www.wattpad.com/story/31010970-saving-flight-926

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