The Dreaded Interrobang

Do you know what an interrobang is!? Do you!?

It’s just that. Double punctuation. As a critic, an editor, and an author, I absolutely hate the Introbang. But to my dismay, after just coming from my editing class, my professor said that in Chicago Stye, the interrobang is correct.

CORRECT! Can you believe that? Because I couldn’t disagree more. In my opinion, using double punctuation couldn’t be more incorrect. Here are some reasons why it shouldn’t be used:

1. It looks rediculous and amature. (That’s just opinion)

2. It destroys the concept of showing and not telling.
“I’m so angry and confused! Can’t you see by my question mark AND exclamation point!?”

3. To go along with the last point, it also makes for a lazy writer.
Again, instead of showing your character is upset, you’re telling us with an interrobang.

At this point, correct or not, you won’t see me using interrobangs. No way.

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