“I’m Going to Write a Trilogy” –The Delusion

As many of you know, I’ve met a lot of different people on Wattpad. And of course, there are many young, excited, and I hate to say it, but clueless teen authors. Over time, I noticed that a popular topic for some is having multiple books.

Just this morning, I had someone post on my thread, not yet finished with their 1st book, telling me the plot was, not might, but definately will, span out over 3–4 books. Something needs to be done about these psychics! They’re predicting the future!

Of course, that future is extremely distorted. Main idea: how can people blatantly say they are going to write a trilogy or a series when they either A. Haven’t started their first book, or B. When they haven’t finished their first book?

Do writers really know how long their plot will last? Because I don’t, and I’m not sure how anyone can. I’ve had books that I thought would have sequels wrap up in one novel. Then, for my Angel Trilogy, I had one book, wanted to write a sequel, and then it turned into a trilogy. The plot was so long that I even picked out a title for a 4th book in case I needed it.

So, writers, don’t get too cocky you have about that trilogy or five book series you have in your head. Because when you sit down and start writing it, you never know what twists and turns can happen in your plot. At least on your first draft, no one can guess exactly how many pages their plot will turn out to be.

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