How to Write a Great Beginning (Part 1)

For me, the first chapter is the most important part of the story. If a publisher doesn’t like it, your manuscript is in the garbage with all the other rejects.

So for the sake of this post, I created the “3 Bs of Beginnings” Shall we get started?

Beginnings have to hook your reader immediately, starting with your first sentence. Save all that descriptive stuff and backstory for chapter 2 where it belongs.

Remember, no backstory unless it is of extreme importance. For example, the day a character’s mother died or something like that. But remember, this backstory must me RELEVANT to the rest of the plot! If you’re starting with a description of a past event, remember to ask yourself, “does the reader NEED to know this?”

No big descriptions in chapter one. Save the description of how beautiful that Apple tree in the front yard is for some other time.

Tomorrow we will get into first sentences! Happy writing everyone!

2 thoughts on “How to Write a Great Beginning (Part 1)

  1. I love this!! Concise and effective!! Great tips!! What about descriptions of the character? Should that be included in the first chapter? Again, great advice I tweeted it too!! 🙂


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