What About Writing REAL Romance?

I promised a romance-related post today, and a sudden entrance into my room by my distressed suitemate served as a good inspiration. On Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about writing REAL romance.

Throughout my teen years, I’ve had a lot of friends, and I’ve seen a lot of people go through boyfriends. Most of the time, relationships DON’T work out! But yet, for some reason, love stories today somehow focus on two different extremes. Either someone dies (TFIOS, Romeo and Juliet) or they live “Happily Ever After” (The Notebook, and every Disney movie). Go figure!

Let’s go back to the real issue here. Relationships stink sometimes. Someone may cheat. Maybe the guy is possessive, or the girl is crazy. Couples get separated by distance. One partner may be lazy, while the other could be too controlling. And, most of the time, to no one’s surprise, people break up.

But yet, I don’t see these stories. Personally, I love stories that I can relate to, and the main course of my writing is trying to relate to others. Where are the stories where a couple has a pretty good relationship, fights every once in a while, then breaks up after a few months/years, and they have to recover and try to move on? Because newsflash–things like this actually happen.

This, in my opinion, is what I call “real romance.” I’d like to say that most of the time, handsome young teenagers don’t die, and most “happily ever afters” are unrealistic. Even the most picture-perfect couples can have issues. My boyfriend and I have gotten praise and complements from people about how “cute” we are, and although we don’t have fights (we try our best to talk calmly about things instead of yelling), we still have issues. (The things his parents do really drive me nuts, and he usually backs them up).

So, I think it’s time to change the notion of today’s romance stories. No more perfect/dead boyfriends! Get to the nitty-gritty of relationships: struggles, fights, making up, and working together to power through issues. Or breaking up, because that happens a lot too.

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