Are Any Ideas a Waste of Time?

Talking to my boyfriend about a story idea I had this weekend had me thinking. As writers, we always get super excited about a new idea. We were sitting in the kitchen of my dorm on Saturday talking about Gasparilla, the Mardi-Gras-like pirate festival that takes place every January here in Tampa. People come from all over Florida to get extremely intoxicated and catch beads at the parade. Celebrities even show up. (This year I got to see Mario Lopez!)

Anyway, during whatever we were talking about, my brain suddenly exploded with this big huge idea: a normal college freshman (Jasper) goes to the Gasparilla festival with her friends. She gets separated and encounters a man in a pirate costume, who she thinks is one of the actors. It turns out, he is actually a ghost from the ship. For some reason, he hands Jasper a map to where Captain Gasparilla’s long-lost treasure is hidden. She finds it, then has to figure out who to tell/what to do with it.

My boyfriend’s response was, “Don’t make it about the media! Make it about the treasure hunt!”

I was very surprised that he didn’t like the idea. This has been a frequent pattern with many of my stories/ideas. This got me thinking: are some ideas a waste of time? Should some stories just not be written?

My advisor told me this. To not go back to stories which might not work. I disagree. If you have writer’s block and can’t think of anything else, why not write? You’re gaining more experience and practice.

Main point of this post: no. Nothing you write is going to be a waste of time.

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