Writing with “the Trend”

Finally got some new inspiration today. The topic: book trends.

I started editing again in order to gain some new followers on Wattpad. (I’m only 33 away from the big 1K!) So this girl tells me about her story. It’s a zombie apocalypse. AKA, a topic that has been done over and over again in the past years.

With shows like The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z, zombies have been all the rage since I was a freshman in college. (2012). And I noticed that as a writer, topics change. On Wattpad, there used to be lots of zombie stories, and there probably still are. The new fad appears to be demons, for some reason.

Anyway, I fell victim of writing towards a trend in hopes of getting popular. When, back in 2012 where vampires were drawing near the end of their peak, I found out about a girl, the same age as me, who wrote a vampire novel on Wattpad, got 15 million reads, and got signed by my dream company, HarperCollins.

So I set out to write a vampire novel. I wanted to stay in the fad while still being different, so I did what I called a “reverse Twilight.” I had an evil, vicious, bloodthirsty female vampire, Taliah, and a dim-witted, but hunky, college guy named Tristan. I finished this book in April 2013, when nobody cared about vampires anymore. To this day it only has a few thousand reads. I even started a sequel (Fangs and Fortune) that got a lot of praise, but just never went back to it.

Meaning of this post: don’t write something just because you think it’s cool to write it at that time or because everyone else is. There is no chance for a novel to be published after a fad is over. Stick with timeless things, and don’t worry about these crazy fads.

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