No, Editors Don’t Work for Free

Time and time again, I’ve gotten asked to edit stories for others on Wattpad. People always need help. Now, this is something I love doing–so much that I want to go into copyediting as a career. I’ve been editing on Wattpad for about two years now, and lately I’ve noticed a trend. 

People don’t want to complete the payments for their stories to get edited by me. This never happened at first. People always left the desired amount of comments on my stories, etc. (I don’t charge real money since all of my clients are teens). 

Many of them have started leaving comments that are only a few words, and most of them, when I ask for two comments because their story needs an extensive amount of work, will leave them on the same chapter. 

This is just upsetting. Even clients I’ve worked with for years have started pulling this on me. 

I just don’t understand. I work for over an hour on each chapter, and yet they won’t take another ten minutes to read a second chapter of my book. Am I being too soft? Am I working too hard? 

I want to put in the same amount of time that they give me–but if I only did ten minutes of work, I’d only have half of their first page done! 

Anyway, word of advice: if your editor has been working hard and giving you great reaults, don’t get stingy, especially when I should be charging actual money for the amount of work I do. 

3 thoughts on “No, Editors Don’t Work for Free

  1. I completely agree with you. I believe many teens on Wattpad are very selfish and only take what they want without giving back. If I were in your shoes, I would be really frustrated. If I ever have the motivation to write my book and if I have a Wattpad editor, I’ll be sure to thank them properly and respectfully and do whatever they’d like as “pay” for editing. 🙂


  2. I definitely understand where you’re coming from, especially since many teenager Wattpad writers are selfish and only take and never give properly. If I were in your shoes, I’d be very frustrated as well. Luckily you specialize in editing and you adore it very much, which I applaude. 🙂 I could never handle stingy clients.


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