Your Gender-Neutral Story

Yesterday I found yet another story on Wattpad where a strait girl and strait guy were living in the same dorm room, sleeping a few feet away from each other. Of course, they didn’t know each other and hated each other. 

I’m just going to go right into a numbered list about gender neutral housing. Here are some facts and debunking methods to ensure that your story is accurate and relatable:

1. Yes, two strait students can live in the same room or suite…

This one surprised me after doing some research yesterday. According to Cornell, two students of different genders can share a bedroom. BUT

2. They HAVE to fill out a special aplication 

Not only can students live with a person of the opposite sex, they MUST agree to it by filling out a special application. Only then will they be in gender-neutral housing. 

3. AND they have to know each other! 

The colleges I researched had special selection processes where after student fill out their special aplication, they have to select their roommates BEFORE they select their room. 

4. Open room change does exist, too

One issue I’ve noticed a lot is the line, “How will they survive living together for an entire year?” Well, they won’t, because open room change happens 3 times a year and they could switch out if it was that bad. 

5. And so do waitlists 

If open room change doesn’t work out, many colleges offer waitlists into other dorms. With people dropping/moving off campus/getting kicked out, there will always be SOMEWHERE else to go at some point. My suitemate was on a wait list and moved into my room at the end of November. 

My First Solution: The Off Campus, 2 Bedroom Apartment

This solution is not only more realistic, but can keep the two in one place where they literally can’t move out, mainly if they’re stuck in a year lease. In fact, they’ll spend even MORE time together, since they’ll be doing all of their cooking and studying there, instead of leaving said dorm room to go to the cafeteria or library. 

Create this situation by having one person already in the apartment, their roommate bailing, leaving them desperate for a roommate in order to pay rent; having the other move in since they applied late and don’t have a room on campus. 

Second Solution: the Live-in Boyfriend/Girlfriend

College students do this ALL the time. Two of my friends have a roommate and suitemate with a boyfriend who never leaves, and I lived next door to someone in the same situation last year. 

PLENTY of drama can happen between a roommate and a significant other that is always there. And wait–plot twist! She’s falling for her roommate’s boyfriend, but can’t date him because it’ll ruin their friendship! *gasp* 

Heck, I might even use one of these ideas myself. 

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