Avoiding Repetition of Proper Nouns

This happens to all of us: nouns, especially proper ones, can get repeated multiple times per page, paragraph, and even per sentence. Of course, I will make up an example:

Steven walked over to me and glared into my eyes. Steven looked amazing. I went over and kissed his soft lips, and as I did so, Steven wrapped his arms around my back. The world faded into the background. It was nothing but the trees, me, and Steven.

Obviously, in this fake passage, I was “Steven happy.” But sometimes things like this will still happen to me. So, how can we avoid the use of repetitive proper nouns?

1. Use a Proundoun!

This one is super easy. Never be afraid to throw in a him/her, he/she, or they/them for multiple characters.

2. The Three Sentence Rule

I thought of this recently and coined it myself. Try using a proper noun only once every three sentences, substituting with a pronoun or different phrase instead.

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