Can Sequels Always Happen? 

I’ve faced the issue frequently of my readers requesting sequels for my stories, especially for my romance and orca stories. However, this is a problem, since both stories are clearly over. 

But then again, is there a way to maneuver something to make another continuation of it after the plot has ended? Just ask the producers of Toy Story 4. Then again, this isn’t Toy Story. 

So as authors, we face the conflict: do we continue writing to please fans, or do we stick with our hearts and leave a story untouched? I’d say the answer is obviously the second. 

While it is our job to please readers, can we live with ourselves for tainting a character’s story? Besides, sequels tend to have a reputation for never being as good as the first book anyway. 

Point of this post: never be persuaded into a sequel that you don’t have your heart in! Ultimately, you are in control of your character’s fate, not your readers. 

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