Writing Jobs: Is Hanging on a Good Thing? 

I worked very hard over my winter break. Hours, I spent slaving over my laptop, perfecting my resume, writing cover letters, and searching for internships. 

I found the perfect one: it was paid, and I’d be writing listing articles, similar to Buzzfeed, one of my favorite sites. I was ecstatic! A fun job that was all online? It was perfect. 

I was super excited to make it into the trial period. I worked for days on my 3 articles that I submitted to them. After a month if waiting, I got in. All 3 of my articles were published on the site that same week. 

Cuts were made, and I survived all of them, the Facebook group chopped from 116, to 90, to 66, to 34 people, 5 or so of them being admins. I got paid $20 via paypal for my first two articles. And I continued to have another 8 or so articles published…just with no payment. 

Concerned, I emailed the guy in charge of the new writers about the payment issue. A week went by and there was no response. The next week I emailed him again, only to be told that He had not gotten an email from me, “thank you very much.” And it was strange, because the email was delivered and in my sent folder. 

Two weeks later, I have still not been paid. Friends and family are encouraging me to quit, but I really can’t afford to let this go. I worked so hard for it! 

The sad thing is that I actually really enjoy the job. But I’m also owed $60. Right now, I’m just lost. Tomorrow I will be sending some emails. 

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