I Quit My Writing Job. Now What?

I’m going to take a rare moment to blog about my personal life instead of making an advice post, since I’ve been so busy with my summer job and feel like I’m currently out of advice to give.

Over winter break, I slaved over my laptop, browsing internships.com and filling out over 10 applications and learning to write several cover letters.  I found a job that looked awesome. I’d not only be paid, but I’d be writing fun list articles all about college for a website called University Primetime.

Long story short: I worked hard on my trial articles, made it past several cuts, and eventually found myself employed, writing, and having articles published on the cite. However, after getting paid for my first two articles, I was no longer getting paid for anything that was published on the site.

The Facebook group shrunk from 160 to just 18 (seven of them admins who didn’t submit content) writers over four months, many of them facing the same issues that I had to deal with, I assumed. After requesting for over a month to get paid the $70 they owed me for my published articles, I dropped the site over a week ago. The guys in charge never responded to my final request to be paid for my articles.

While it was an awesome learning experience, I’m thoroughly upset because all of my hard work seemed to go to waste.  I turned down other offers to work for University Primetime.  I figured I’d have a cool job and make some side money, and it would count as credits towards my degree.  Now I’m here all summer with nothing but my regular job. I’m not gaining any experience towards my career.  My resume is going to stay stagnant.

I guess now I’m trying to warn people about the website and figure out what to do as far as an internship goes.  So, don’t ever work for University Primetime, unless you want to deal with a bunch of rude guys who run a click-bait site with no helpful information. I’m going to have a new post eventually describing what happened exactly with the site in detail. But for now, I guess it’s back to the drawing board with my internships.

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