Learning from Rejection

As a writer, rejection is just part of life. My first big rejection came when I was only sixteen. I’d gotten to the final round for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, only to be told later on that my story didn’t make it. 

I was so devastated. I’d come so far just to get that incredibly close. I was horribly sad, and found myself even more upset when I bought the book two months later to find that a fifteen-year-old had “beaten me.” 

I learned at sixteen how to deal with rejection the wrong way: by not trying again. There were lots of call outs for other stories, but I just didn’t feel like putting in any effort. Why try when I’d probably just get rejected again? 

Finally, a year later, I came to my senses and wrote another story. I made it to the final round, and then actually into the book. I was seventeen and published with a major company. I couldn’t believe it. All I had to do was try again. 

That’s basically the point of this post. Just try again. You never know when that second try could be the winner. 

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