How to Not Panic About Your First Draft

Common problem for authors: we think of a plot, the climax doesn’t happen where it’s supposed to. Or at least, that is what is currently going on with my new book. 

Said book, which features a teen learning to fly a plane and save her Spanish class from a disaster, was going great. 

Until the plane landed safely on page twenty five–page twenty five! The entire main idea of the book had been summed up in a quarter of what I wanted it to be. This left me panicked. 

So if you’re struggling with your first draft and freaking out like me, here are some things to remember: 

1. Keep in mind that it’s just that: a first draft! 

First drafts were never meant to be exceptional, or anything even close to it. Just keep writing and remember that the main purpose of a first draft is to get the story down. 

2. You can always go back and edit. 

Which is exactly what I plan to do, since my first chapters usually lack a lot of description. 

3. Don’t stop writing. 

A few times I’ve felt the need to give up on the book because I didn’t think it was “good enough” or “wasn’t going anywhere.” But how can books get better if you just quit? 

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