Repetitive Names in Writing Part 1

My mind has been blank for the past few weeks trying to think of new posts. So, here’s one. 

Repeating names: I’ve seen them all the time. You know, when an author has a main character named Joey but there is also another Joey somewhere in the book. One of the kids I’m editing for now is doing this in her book, with many characters having the same name, such as the main character’s little brother, and her other love interest. 

So, how do we make it so when you mention Joey making a kissy face, you know the difference between a lover and little brother? Simple: do it tastefully. 

There are easy ways to tell characters apart. Ex. Blue-eyed Joey stomped is feet. Green-eyed Joey just stood there. Including a feature of appearance is one way. John Green in his novel An Abundance of Katherines had two Collins in his book, the main character and a side character who was referred to as TOC or “The Other Collin”. 

Of course, in my opinion, the best way to avoid using repeated names is to basically, have characters with different names. But what fun is a story without a little confusion mixed into it? 

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