Begging for Reads: Does it Actually Work?

As an author who is considered by Wattpad as “popular” (which I still don’t think since there are people with millions of followers), hitting over 1,100 followers last week, I frequently have other writers post on my message board asking for reads.

This made me wonder: how many other people are they asking?  And why me, in particular? (Other than the fact that they see I have a lot of followers).  Do the other people they ask actually read their stuff?

Personally, I do read the work of someone who posts  on my message board.  I mean, why not?  It only take a few minutes to skim through a first chapter and say, “I like this/this was good, but it would be good to improve on…”  It makes the youngsters super happy.

Anyway, is writing a message on someone’s feed that says, “Hi can you please read my story?  It would mean so much to me!”  an effective way to get reads?  Well, if you post on my feed it is.  But for others who aren’t as kind…I guess the rest is a mystery.

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