Can’t We Just Be Friends? 

I guess I’ll start this post of with a scenario. So you’re reading a book/watching a TV show or movie. There’s a guy and a girl as the main characters. They’re great friends. At some point, feelings start to develop and they become romantically involved. 

At the end, they’re dating. Their entire awesome friendship is now ruined and it’s extremely awkward to read/watch (or it is for me at least.) Their other comedic friend has become the honorary Third Wheel. 

I’ve seen this happen so much. Far too many friendships have been turned into romance, which a lot of the time, really isn’t needed. So, the main question of this post: can’t characters just be friends? 

Think about it. In real life, guys have friends that are girls and girls have friend that are guys. Feelings don’t develop ALL the time. Would it really be that hard to have a story where there’s just three awesome friends of different genders who don’t get romantically involved? 

After discussing this with a friend last night, I have become so passionate about this topic that I am determined to write some type of story in which a guy and a girl go on some awesome adventure and don’t wind up in a relationship. Because in life, yes, relationships develop out of friendships.

 I’m currently in a 2-year relationship with my boyfriend after starting out as friends. Before we met, I had another guy friend in college who I hung out with all the time, and there were no “feelings” developing. 

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this story…when I get the time to do it. 

One thought on “Can’t We Just Be Friends? 

  1. “According to Sigmund Freud, there are only two basic drives that serve to motivate all thoughts, emotions, and behavior. These two drives are, simply put, sex and aggression”.


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