“Barnes & Nobles” 

I’m not really sure what to call this post or how to describe what this is about. To simplify it, I think I just want people to get things straight: Barnes & Noble does not have an “s” in Noble. There is no such thing as Barnes and “Nobles”. 

I have heard of people recently putting the addition of the “s”. Now, of course this annoys me, but for me it’s worse when I see it on Wattpad. These are teenagers, who claim to love reading, who are on a writing website, getting the name of one of the only big bookstores left in the world wrong. How is that going to look when they want to sell their books there someday? 

Even if the name of the store is used in a plural sense, it still sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. Ex, “There are several Barnes and Nobles nearby.” 

And this concludes my extremely short, ranty post. 


Maybe the “s” is there…it’s just invisible. 

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