There, Their, They’re, and the Teens that Can’t use Them 

Sometimes I really hate writing angry posts, but I’ll try and stay calm as I explain this very simple situation: 

There: (adverb) meaning to or into a place. 

Ex. “Look over there.” “I left the plate of cookies right there.” 

Their: (adjective) meaning to relate to or belong to a person or animal. 

Ex. “Those cookies are theirs.” “The girl in the pink dress is their daughter.” 

They’re: meaning they are. 

Ex. “They’re going to the park.” “They’re going to their house over there.” 

It saddens me that I would even need to write a post about something as simple as this. Unless of course, younger children are reading this for some reason. 

To this day I remember the exact lesson in my third grade classroom, knowing the difference between their, there, and they’re. So I’m still wondering, just like I talked about in my post a few months back about capitalizing “I” and using periods at the end of sentences, what on earth is wrong with our school system? 

Today I had a fellow Wattpadder who was looking to have her story beta read, you know, that thing you do after you edit your story a bunch of times and want to have it read over by a group of people to make changes before you send it to publishers–in the first chapter there was the wrong use of there…multiple times. 

What the heck is wrong with our school system that teenagers don’t know the difference between the three theres? High school kids! It just unbelievable. So my final message is this: let’s fix our school system (or at least try to pay attention in class, because personally I find it hard to believe that kids aren’t being taught somthing this important), or at least read the beginning of this post so you know the difference. 

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