From Hate to True Love

My good friend gave me the idea to write this post.  We’ve all seen it in stories, movies, plays, and wherever else.  But in real life?  Not at all for me, personally.

You know how it goes.  Guy and girl hate each other.  They’re science project partners/dance partners/have to kiss in the school play/are just generally in a way where they’re forced to be together and there’s no way around it.  And instead of ripping each other apart, they realize that they’ve just been in love the whole time!  Then they live happily ever after…

Let’s rewind for a moment here.  Two people hate each other and then fall in love.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me, especially if they are forced to be with each other for a period of time.  What do we do in the real world when we have to be around other people all the time?  We lose our minds.

I’ve worked with other guys several times in plays and school projects.  Of course, we didn’t fall in love.  We did the project or tried to get through whatever we were doing as quickly as possible so we’d be done with each other.

Even if people hated each other and fell in love, how would that relationship possibly work?  I could never imagine dating one of my high school bullies and just ignoring all the names he called me or amount of times I was spit-balled.  How could they move past the hate from all those years beforehand.

I guess this is just another mystery if the clichés, right?

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