My Publishing Journey: Day 1 (Realization, Editing Chapter 1)

After much deliberation, last night I made the decision to put my current book, Saving Flight 926 on hold after seeing how much work it needed.  Today I began the very first steps in my publishing process for my story Knowing You’re There.

Since I haven’t touched the story in over a year, I moved it from my flash drive to my computer, opened it up, and there it was: my beautiful romance story.  And then I looked at the word count of 28,000 words.  That was all.  And I feel stupid, because I could swear that the word count was at least in the 30s, but that doesn’t matter now.

So for a few hours I felt like I was in limbo.  Do I forget the whole thing?  How on earth am I going to add 30,000 words to this story?  I made a forum on Wattpad, where industry professionals told me to just write a new story instead.

For some reason, I’m not going to listen.  A friend in my tech writing class told me earlier, “If you’re f-ing passionate about it, then go for it.”  And I hate to be that naive person whose story has no potential and thinks they can get published anyway, but for some reason I’m going to keep going for it, and keep editing.  The worst that could happen is that I get a better detailed, longer, and cleaner version of my most popular book.

So, I went over chapter 1 today.  Just a few minor things to tweak.  I’m probably going to go back and add some details to extend it a bit more. Today I added almost 100 words.  It’s a small improvement that hopefully won’t more towards the dreaded “fluff” that will have to be removed later anyway.  More updates to come tomorrow!

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