My Publishing Journey: Day 2, A Chapter 2 Success Story

While feeling slightly under the whether and having a rough time yesterday, I did my best to go into the edits of chapter 2 of Knowing You’re There with a positive attitude. Today I needed to focus on more of the whole extending thing and some character development. There weren’t may copyedits to be done, but I fixed any errors that were there.

In chapter 2, my main character, Lia, is currently riding home one a plane with her guide dog and little brother. In between eating gummy worms, she daydreams and gives the readers a nice chunk of backstory into who she is, and where she wants to go in life (be a famous drummer).

I looked at some of the details and noticed that I jumped from Lia wanting to be a drummer to wishing she had a guy very quickly. I took the time to expand on how Lia fell in love with drumming and how she got to be as good of a basement performer as she is. I also deleted the few sentences where she explains how she became blind, (yes, she’s blind) and decided to save those for later, in a new scene that will happen later on when she finally tells her boyfriend Kurt how she became blind.

I’m hoping that having both the readers and Kurt find out what happened at the same time will be beneficial to the story and make it a little more exciting.

Also in chapter 2, I decided to end with Lia making her plan of “having an adorable boyfriend Christmas” and finding a man, instead of the original when she just gets of the plane, is scared in the airport, and almost falls down the escalator. I may or may not use that to open chapter 3.

At the end of edits today the new info in chapter 2 extended the story a whopping 600 words, moving our official word count up to 28,760. I’d say things went extremely well today, and I’m looking forward to what chapter 3 has in store for tomorrow.

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