When Your Story Feels “Lame”

Today was day 4 of my publishing journey. I worked on edits of chapter 4 of my novella Knowing You’re There.  On the first paragraph of the chapter, I wanted to stop reading. Something about the way I’d written it just felt…well…lame, corny, cheesy.

I’ve had a similar problem with some of my other books. The writing style just feels really unnatural and uninteresting. I try to make my characters interesting, but instead I’m telling instead of showing and not captivating readers at all.

So what do you do when you’re rereading your story and it sounds lamer than a bad horror movie? Try some of these suggestions:

Copyedit: it won’t have super great results, but it’s at least something. Fix some grammar mistakes and change some words around. Maybe that will make it sound at least a little better.

Start Showing: I know that most of the times when my story feels lame, it’s when I have long paragraphs of my character telling the reader a story or explaining something. Show an example of what they’re explaining. Ex, I changed my scene from Lia explaining how she punched her bff Sarah’s boyfriend once to her actually punching him.

Just Write Something Else: back when I was editing my story Hype a few years back, there were parts that sounded so terribly lame and unimportant that I just deleted them. I don’t recommend this as a first option, but in severely cheesy situations, it might be best to just delete the lame part and write something else in it’s place.

Hopefully these tips are helpful.  Happy writing!

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