“But I’m Tired!” The Procrastination Struggle

I think every writer since the beginning of time has faced this issue: we’re tired and don’t feel like getting done what needs to get done. Let’s face it, writing is a lot of work, no matter how much we love it.

I had a pretty large gap in the past few days between my edits of “Knowing You’re There.” Right now I am currently on chapter 7, and would like to have the novel beta read by the end of the semester so that I can go home and work on it throughout winter break. But the realization of homework and TV hit me and I took a break.

I could’ve been about 5 chapters ahead of where I am. But that’s not important. Well, actually it really is to me, but my lack of recent success isn’t the main point of this post. So, how can we as writers overcome the fact that we’re tired or want to do something else?

1. Just keep reminding yourself

What bothers me the most about not getting a chapter done in KYT is that time is slipping away. And that thought just seems to repeat itself over and over again.

2. Tell yourself, “This is more important.”

It’s true. Unless you think that show on Netflix is actually more important than your writing career.

3. Consider coffee

Or an energy drink. Or candy. What ever you need to keep yourself awake and focused after a long day of work/listening to professors talk about how smart they are.

As always, I hope you fellow writers find these tips sarcastically funny, but also a little helpful at the same time.

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