:) Using Emojis :P in Writing D:

I’m sure you must be surprised with that title. I was surprised too, when I started seeing emojis in the text of a story. Yes, this is really happening people. New writers have started putting emojis in their stories. 

The first time I saw this was last year. It looked something like this in the text:

I may be different, but that’s just who I am. 🙂 

Are you scared yet? Because it only gets worse. Lately I’ve been seeing winky faces in stories as well. 

Now of course, who could forget the beloved TTYL series, which involved similar things? Of course, there are exceptions. 

If characters are texting, IMing, emailing, or posting a status, then of course, pile on the emojis if you want. 

But in the actual text of the story? Just no. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t become an “ok” or norm in the writing word. I don’t think I could ever take a story seriously with smiles and winky faces in the middle of a paragraph. 

5 Easy Ways to Make Time for Writing

We live in a world where everyone is busy all the time.  We’ve all got places to go, social media accounts to manage.  I’m a college student with a boyfriend, sorority, and now and online job.

With the start of Saving Flight 926, my newest novel, I’ve started making the excuse that I’m “too busy” to write.  Well, that’s partially true.  I am pretty busy, but there are ways to cut out time.  Here are 5 of those ways:

1. Cut the Netflix:

I struggle with getting lost in a show, especially not that my boyfriend lets me use his Netflix.  Try watching just one episode instead of two…or five.

2. Waiting Time

I did this a lot over the summer at my job.  If you have some waiting time before an appointment or class, take out your phone and use a note taker to start a chapter.  You can always email it to yourself later.  I could write entire short stories in-between customers.

3. Travel

I fly from home to school a lot.  Instead of watching a movie for the plane, car, bus, or whatever ride, try taking out your laptop.

4. Stay Away from (a little) Social Media

Things like SnapChat, Facebook, and Yik Yak can be super fun, but sometimes we can spend quite a while reading posts when we could be doing something, well…far more important.

5. Brainstorm During Busy Times

When I was in high school, I’d plan out the details of a chapter while walking down the hall.  It might not work for everyone, but brainstorming beforehand could lead to a lot less staring at computer screens when you get home.

College and the Friend Trend

After being home for three weeks, I was sitting with one of the few friends I have left here at the Cheesecake Factory.  We were talking about an interesting, tiny phenomenon, which I like to call the “Friend Trend.”

Now, as many of you know, I am in a sorority.  This means my Facebook is flooded with friends on all levels of college undergraduates.  After about a year of paying attention to detail, I’ve noticed a vast difference in freshman vs. upper classmen like myself: their friends back home.

Many freshmen, who go home for breaks have pictures of themselves and high school friends. While at school, they post about missing home. As for juniors and seniors, their posts consist of pictures with family and missing their college friends.

I myself have experienced the downward Friend Trend at home. Over the past two years, the amount of close friends I see when back home has gone from 7 to 3. Meanwhile, my amount of close college friends has gone up from 2 to 5 since freshman year.

I guess the real point that I’m trying to make is 1. this is kind of sad, and 2. I wonder why this happens? Why can’t best friends stick together through a distance? Does college really change people that much?