What Every Writer Wants in the New Year

Authors always set goals for themselves. But with the New Year fast aproaching, everyone is thinking of those nasty little resolutions that we never follow through on. Or maybe we don’t have any yet. Whether you can relate or just don’t have anything planned, these 5 resolutions will resignate with any writer. 

1. To Finish The Unfinished  

Maybe you never wrote the ending to your novel or decided to take an extended break in the middle. Maybe you gave up due to numerous plot holes. We all have that unfinished thing in the back of our minds, yearning to one day be complete. 

2. Fame and Fortune

Maybe this will be the year when that publishing deal finally goes through. 

3. To Create Something New

Write down that poem you’ve always thought of! Start that new novel that you’ve been dreaming about! Just do it! 

4. To Feel Connected

Try out that new social media outlet. Join that local writing group or book club, or even start your own! Having other writers like yourself is a great motivator! 

5. Feeling Like You’re Going Somewhere

We all have different dreams and desires. We all want to feel like we’re getting closer to those dreams. So go ahead, take that next step. Write a query letter or put your book on Amazon. 

How it Feels to (Kind Of) get a Shout Out From John Green

Photo courtesy of John Green’s Twitter

It’s only been two days, and I feel like this is already old news. I was going to publish this yesterday, and I had the whole entire post written except for the featured image, but, thanks to the school wifi, I wasn’t able to post it and it didn’t save a draft.

So, anyway, the other day I was scrolling down my Facebook feed when I saw a picture of John Green pretending to look like the guy from the movie “Her.” There was also a screenshot of a comment on this picture. A user, known as TheAutisticGuitarist, commented on YouTube, “I loved you in ‘Her.'” That user is Desmond, my boyfriend.

So I really love John Green, saw the movie “Her”, and am the girlfriend of the guy who got the shout out. That counts as “kind of” right? And just in case there are any doubts (because let’s face it, it’s really easy to make this kind of thing up), here is a picture of Desmond and I last Halloween, where he is wearing the same hat as he is in is YouTube profile picture.

des halloween

When I found this out, I called Desmond immediately and told him. When he saw Green’s post, he didn’t freak out like I did. He laughed and just thought the whole thing was a big joke. A world famous author mentioned him on social media, and he was laughing.

So this just goes to show that any normal day can turn into something extraordinary. You could just be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden your boyfriend gets mentioned in a post by John Green.