Life Goes On: Losing My Writing Job

Hello my fellow WordPress followers! It’s been a while since I posted because my life has been kind of upside down. So today I’m going to put a rare personal twist on my post, and share something that has changed the course of my life. 

On April 11th at 4:30, just 30 minutes before the end of the day, I was brought into a conference room with my boss’s assistant and the hr manager. After 4 months, they told me I was fired, wished me luck, and had me clean out my desk. Although it wasn’t a huge surprise, I was still upset. My first job in my field and I blew it. 

I left the office embarrassed and ashamed, but knew that I did my best, gave it everything I could, and that this would be a learning experience. A week later, I started back at the hardwear store where I’ve worked since I was 18. My life feels complete again. 

Even though right now I have crazy hours and no health insurance, I don’t regret leaving my permanent job at the store for the office job in my field. I knew from my college internship that offices weren’t right for me, and this job just reaffirms that–and that’s precfectly OKAY. Not everyone goes on to persue their degrees. I realized how passionate I was about my store, and although I wanted to get through this post without trash talking the company, I learned from my former supervisor what not to do if someday I move up into my new goal of becoming upper management at my store. 

Working at the office was extremely stressful. I really don’t know how people can sit at a computer all day every day for years. I was stressed from the minute I left on Fridays until I went back on Monday–not because I had to sit at a desk, but from other stresses within the company. It’s such a joy not to feel frightened and sick when I go into work anymore. 

Anyway, maybe I’ll work on another post sometime later on about my experience at the office. Although I’m tired after finishing my 15th book and taking a break from writing for now, I plan to keep updating regularly. 

Yes, You CAN Get a Writing Job!

Hello all! For this week’s post I’ll be discussing something myself and probably many other writers have dealt with: getting a job/being told you couldn’t get a job. 

Numerous times I had other students and professors say, “A writing major? What are you going to do with that?” I had people tell me I wouldn’t get a job and that I was even living in a “pipe dream” for thinking I could get my foot in the door anywhere but the big city. 

Earlier this week I was offered a job, ten miles from my home here in Upstate New York, with a local company. Seven months after graduating college, I found a job in my field. 

Anyway, here’s a few tips on how to keep your head up in the job market: 

1. Don’t Completely Give Up

I’ll admit, I was on the brink of hopelessness after not finding anything even close to what I wanted to do a few weeks after graduating. I took breaks from job searching weeks at a time, but checked back every so often for new openings. 

2. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Even if you don’t feel like you meet the qualifications, apply! You never know what could happen. If the job is based on writing skills, just do your best! 

3. Focus On Yourself

A lot of us follow what our friends are doing on social media and can compare ourselves, especially if friends find a job in their field before us. Just remember, that’s their life! You’ll find success soon enough. 

Writing Just “For Us”

Have you ever had the issue of writing no longer being something you enjoy? Whenever you sit down at your computer to type something, it’s not really about being “fun” anymore. Every letter you type, you’re thinking about your fans or judgement from publishers.

Will people like this? What if they don’t? What if I’m wasting my time? 

These questions echo over and over again in your head. Finally, you just step away from the computer because it all seems just too difficult. Writing means edits and judgement and hours upon hours of work. You never write anymore, and when you do, it doesn’t feel like it used too. You’re writing and worrying about the opinions of everyone else, instead of just having fun and doing what you used to.

I’m writing this because I’ve found myself feeling this way since last year when I started a new book. Maybe it’s just because as a writing major, writing literally “is” work that is always judged by someone else, whether it be the professor or my fellow classmates.

Every time I try to write something new, I don’t even feel like I’m enjoying myself. I’m sure that a lot of other writers feel this way too. In high school, I used to write nearly a chapter a day in my novels. I’d write so much that I’d given myself carpal tunnel and developed a cyst in my left hand that I later had surgically removed.

I think the point of this post is that we need to just remember all the things we loved about writing and somehow get back there if we ever feel off track. Everything we write isn’t going to be a masterpiece. Everything we write doesn’t have to come out perfect. Just sit down and type that story or blog post or whatever it is that you want to write. You didn’t become a writer because everyone else wanted you to, but because you loved what you were doing.

So the next time you want to write, just do it and leave the thoughts of everyone else behind. Write because it’s who YOU are.

Tips for Landing the Perfect Writing Internship

Hey everyone. Due to the holiday and writers block I’ve been absent for a bit, but as usual I’ll try to stay current. Today’s topic: landing that writing internship that all of us college students want. 

Recently, I was accepted as an intern by a local branch of a major TV station. Just six months ago, I had to quit my shady online internship after four months. As writing majors, there aren’t as many options as other majors. It was tough for me to land this amazing internship. Hopefully with these tips, you’ll have an easier time than I do. 

1. Be Wary of Online-Only Internships 

Call me bias, but after what happened with my scam of an internship with University Primetime, I would suggest being wary of online companies. However, some people have a different experience. One of my classmates really enjoys his online internship. 

If you really want to go with an online internship, make sure that you’ve read through their website thoroughly and that they’re a company you want to work with. If you have any doubts, look elsewhere. 

2. Don’t Back Away Just Becuase It’s Unpaid

Sometimes the best reward isn’t cash, it’s experience! If you see a company that looks awesome but doesn’t pay, don’t worry. There’s always a possibility that your unpaid position could lead to a job in the future. 

3. Go to an Internship Fair

I never went to my school’s internship fair because I thought the companies there were only looking for business or finance majors. I took a leap of faith this year, but on my business professional wear, and went to every single table in the room asking if they needed a writer, editor, journalist, or blogger. To my surprise, the very first table I went to said, “Yes! We do!” When I looked down, it was the TV station. 

4. Don’t Underestimate Your Skills

One of my favorite sayings is “Everyone needs a writing major.” And it’s true! We can write, edit, are great at deadlines, and we’re masters of social media. I thought the TV station would be looking for communications, film, or even AD/PR majors. I was wrong. So don’t be afraid to go up to the table of the company that you think doesn’t want you. Chances are that they may actually do. 

5. Totally Nail Your Interview

This one is easier said than done. I’ll elaborate on this more in my next post, but a few simple tips are familiarizing yourself with the company, dressing for success, and having questions ready for the end of the interview. 

My Publishing Journey: Day 1 (Realization, Editing Chapter 1)

After much deliberation, last night I made the decision to put my current book, Saving Flight 926 on hold after seeing how much work it needed.  Today I began the very first steps in my publishing process for my story Knowing You’re There.

Since I haven’t touched the story in over a year, I moved it from my flash drive to my computer, opened it up, and there it was: my beautiful romance story.  And then I looked at the word count of 28,000 words.  That was all.  And I feel stupid, because I could swear that the word count was at least in the 30s, but that doesn’t matter now.

So for a few hours I felt like I was in limbo.  Do I forget the whole thing?  How on earth am I going to add 30,000 words to this story?  I made a forum on Wattpad, where industry professionals told me to just write a new story instead.

For some reason, I’m not going to listen.  A friend in my tech writing class told me earlier, “If you’re f-ing passionate about it, then go for it.”  And I hate to be that naive person whose story has no potential and thinks they can get published anyway, but for some reason I’m going to keep going for it, and keep editing.  The worst that could happen is that I get a better detailed, longer, and cleaner version of my most popular book.

So, I went over chapter 1 today.  Just a few minor things to tweak.  I’m probably going to go back and add some details to extend it a bit more. Today I added almost 100 words.  It’s a small improvement that hopefully won’t more towards the dreaded “fluff” that will have to be removed later anyway.  More updates to come tomorrow!

Why You Should Never Work for University Primetime

Have you been looking for an internship or writing job? Have you been recruited to write articles by the college website University Prime, with the promise of being paid for every single thing of yours that they publish on the site? 

I remember when I was a junior in college looking for an internship. University Primtime sounded like a dream come true. That was, until I realized I was being scammed. 

If you or someone you know is thinking of writing for University Primetime, don’t be fooled. Stop and run in the other direction for the following reasons:

Difficult Hiring Process

In order to get the job with UP, I had to to extensive work on “trial articles” and get past several cuts just to be a part of a program that I wound up quitting. The guys running the site left several threatening messages in the Facebook group that we would be “cut” if we did not start our trial articles by a certain date. I was once removed from the group because I contacted one of the guys in charge by email instead of Facebook.

Of course, I’m totally fine with trial articles and testing out writers to see who is dedicated and the best fit for the site, but I’m not a fan of using threats to get writers to write, which brings me on to my next point:


The site was (and probably still is) run by three young guys. I dealt with two of the three, who were pretty nice at first, but turned sour after a month or so. One continually messaged me on Facebook about sharing content in college groups, which caused me to join and spam over 100 groups, which led to a lot of unhappy incoming freshmen. 

He would even text me if I didn’t respond on Facebook, saying things like, “Hey, I need you to share this article right now, K? I’m sending you links you need to share this on.” He would expect me to drop whatever I was doing and literally share that article right then, to 100 groups.

A Lack for Safety

This one may just be a fluke, but I do defiantly believe that University Primetime doesn’t really want to promote safety more than underage drinking and heavy amounts of weed. Yes, they did publish other articles of mine that had nothing to do with partying, but one of my few articles that was not published (I only had 3 unpublished ones in 3 months) was entitled “20 Ways to Stay Safe on a Night Out.”

I did a lot of research for this article and was extremely disappointed when it was not published. I figured that it might have not been “cool enough” for the site. But I don’t want to flat out say that they don’t care about the safety college students. I’m just saying that the article I wrote about safety for their site was not published for some reason.

Inappropriate Content

While I did leave mainly for the next issue, a big part of me also left because I didn’t want to be associated with the content on the site any longer. One article that I was given to share in 95 Facebook groups was titled, “Study Shows that People Who do Drugs Have More Sex and Get Better Grades.” Other articles included foods to eat while drunk and the best movies to watch during 4/20.

I have no problem with people who do those kinds of things, but that’s just not who I am personally. When they said the site was about “relatable college content” I didn’t think it would be 90% about partying and 10% everything else. Because all college students know, there is a LOT more to college than just going out.

Fake Pay

This was the whole entire reason that I quit working for UP: I was only paid for 2 out of 8 articles that were published on the site. I begged to be paid the other $60 (we were paid $10 per published article, which was a little over $8 after taxes). The runners of the site were claiming that I “never sent them an email” and that “only published articles get paid”. Which they all were. These conditions were listed in a contract that I signed. 

I feel like I was just getting used for free content, and I guess other writers did too, since our Facebook group dropped over time from 115 to 18 members.

Overall Shadiness

Something seemed off about the site, but for some reason I decided to go through with the process because it seemed like a great opportunity. The guys who run the site just seemed downright shady. One of them, who I really need to unfriend on Facebook, has recently been spamming his feed with posts about girls getting a free trip to Vegas with all bottles included if they message him.

I hope this list sheds some light on what comes across as a cool college website and an easy way to make money. Based on my experience, University Primetime is a total scam and I have no intention of ever working for them again. If you hear that they are hiring or see and advertisement form them on like I did, keep scrolling!