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This page here displays all of my current novels/books published on

Living Brighter: Book One of the Angel Trilogy(1st book, completed at age 16 in 2010): Essy is trying to live a normal life in the middle of World War 3.  After a strange dream of her home being attacked, she wakes up in a world where everything is perfect…too perfect.  Despite her mother’s array of lies, Essy knows things are terribly wrong when she finds her dead brother walking on the beach and she realizes that she is much farther from home than the thought.

Crash:  Bayleigh is living the life most people dream of: being popular and pampered. She gets her joy out of picking on Adriana, the girl who’s life is the complete opposite. Suddenly, Bay’s life starts to change. Her family ends up losing everything and they’re left with only one place to live: the trailer park, right across the street from Adriana.

Arc: Book Two of the Angel Trilogy:  In Essy’s flawless, perfect world, things suddenly start to change. After getting several eerie messages, she is kidnapped. Her kidnapper, Shiloh, reveals some gruesome news: the earth is about to disintegrate from WWIII. Essy has been chosen to become the angel to stop the war and save the earth. The clock is ticking, and she has only a year.

Hype (soon to be What I Learned at Newpoint High): Freya was so excited for her last year in her beloved Christian academy that she attended since kindergarten, but   everything changed when Mackenzie joined the class.  After bullying Freya for months, the two get into a brawl that leaves Freya expelled.  She’s left with no choice to graduate except by attending public school: a place she has feared her entire life.  Will the sheltered Christian girl be able to survive or be eaten alive?

Krawl:  There are two buildings on Murdock Street: the old farmhouse where Gianna lives with her family, and the Foster Facility, where for over a decade, researchers have been conducting experiments to create the world’s first “Superbugs.”  The horribly mutated, flesh-eating bugs have now escaped and  are running loose, leaving Gianna to either fight keep herself and her family alive, or be devoured.

Ever Beyond:  The final book of the Angel Trilogy:  In her few months back on earth, Essy has gotten used to being an angel in training. That is, until Ruby, a third angle, joins the duo of her and Shiloh.  To make things worse, her and Shiloh hate each other.  Now Essy must finish training and learn to work with these two arguing angels in order to save the world in time.

Euphoria:  In a perfect utopia called Euphoria, everyone is deemed flawless except for Violet, who also happens to be the Princess.  Being a little person at a height of less than four feet tall, she has always struggled in life, but sudden changes make everything more complicated.  Two scientists from earth make their way to Euphoria and bring Violet back with them.  While there, she experiences fainting spells and mysterious visions of Euphoria being in danger, which turn out to be a lot more than just images in her mind.

The Normals:  The kidnapping of Melody’s brother left her devastated. After a month of searching and no luck in finding him, she finds a paper with a mysterious adress at her doorstep.  This leads her to a facility in California where for over thirty years, a crazied doctor has been kidnapping children and putting them under mind control, including her brother.  It is going to be a monsterous task, but she believes that she can save her brother and all the others.  That is, until she becomes a victum of the horrid experiment, known as “The Normals.”

Misconception:  Taliah is not your typical vampire.  She doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight or associate with humans, she kills them.  A vicious, grief stricken being, Taliah hides in the shadows of a college campus, until a single night changes her life completely.  She saves Tristan Baker from getting mugged and the two fall for each other.  However, the desire to refrain from biting the one she loves isn’t Taliah’s only problem when Sly, the vampire that bit her fifty years ago, returns to not only try and take advantage of her for a second time, but deliver a message from her old clan that will alter her destiny.

Knowing You’re There:  (Currently my most popular) Lia and Kurt both struggle in school.  She’s blind.  He has Asperger’s.  The two instantly connect after meeting in the hallway and bond over their musical talents.  With Kurt’s family business collapsing and Lia struggling with the fate of her ill seeing eye dog, their relationship is put to test as they face the world around them.

The Diary of Shamu:  Yuto is the star attraction of Seaworld Philly: Shamu. Being born and raised in captivity, Yuto only knows of the ocean from the tales of his tank mates. Confined to small enclosures, he longs for a place where he can swim endlessly. As time goes on, he slowly falls into insanity. Yet just when things seem to be spiraling out of control, an activist group arrives at his tank in the middle of the night, and Yuto must learn to survive in a place he never thought possible.

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