Getting Close to Finishing a Book

So I realized rather late that it is a Sunday and I haven’t written anything for my lovely blog here. Instead of an advice piece, because I can’t come up with anything else, tonight I’ll go with a “Progress Piece,” or what I’m doing in my writing.

I’ve been working on my novel Fangs and Fortune for a while now (in my opinion, because I tend to finish books super fast). I started in early December, and now that the end of March is approaching, so is the end of my story…I think. I hope, at least. I’ve had a lot of different things going on within the book and every time I think that I’m getting closer to the ending, something else comes up.

But, I learned from all this that in my situation, all of these things coming up has been leading to a much greater word count. At 37k with a lot of stuff still to happen, I’d be glad to be at novel length, the 50k gem. Mostly because this book is a big deal for me. I’m pretty impressed with myself, being only 22 years old and a few weeks away from finishing my 15th book. Maybe even less than that, depending on how much I can get done this week.

I think the hardest part of being close to finishing a novel is knowing that you’re close and just wanting to hit that finish line. That was how I originally gave myself carpal tunnel. With Fangs and Fortune writing combined with writing all day at work, it’s a lot for my hands to hand-le. Back when I was in high school, I’d write 10-15 pages a day just to try and finish something.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, because I can’t just write a personal post without advice, is that if you’re close to finishing your novel, hang in there. Don’t overwork yourself to the point of carpal tunnel, or even ganglion cysts, like myself. If you think you can finish your book tonight, then that’s great. If you need a few more days or a week, then don’t sweat it. Stay focused and stay calm, because the finish line is in sight.

Our First Book

We have many “firsts” as authors, but at one point, the biggest thing in our young lives was that very first thing we tried to type up, known as none other than “my first book”.  Today, I’ll tell you about mine. 

I was thirteen in the fall of 2007 when I began the first chapter of my story “Runaways”. My plan was to take readers on a journey as Abbie (10) and Megan (13) road their bicycles from Tampa to the Big Apple in the hopes of escaping their alcoholic, neglectful parents. Their goal was to make it to their wealthy grandmother’s house and live with her. 

Although I stopped working on it right as the girls went through DC, I had a big finale planned of the girls peddling right through the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, being seen by everyone on TV and finally revealing their location after they had been nationally searched for (as if that were really possible). 

As I typed up those 80-something pages, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that two young girls could peddle through an entire state in a day, or that biking along a highway was legal and safe, or that motels would give rooms to someone with no credit card. 

This occurred to me halfway through. I never finished. I mean, I’d have to start from scratch anyways, but I’d still like to finish it one day. 

And there you have it. The unsuccessful, oblivious journey of “Runaways”. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get back to it. Or…maybe not. 

Have a good story about your first book? Do tell below!